Custom Tailored Suits: Why You Should Buy Them

If you’re like most men, the thought of getting a custom tailored suit strikes you as something that a movie star or a high-priced doctor would do. After all, why would you buy a custom tailored suit if you’re just a regular Joe? And how could you possibly think of affording it? Well, it turns out that there are quite a few unfounded myths floating about when it comes to buying a bespoke suit, and there are some very practical reasons why you should consider purchasing one – or several!

Myth: It’s inconvenient to go to a tailor to get measured.
Truth: What could be more inconvenient than visiting 15 different stores.

Visiting a tailor, to be measured, and then wait for them to make your suit might sound like the height of inconvenience, but think about your other options. Off-the-rack suits are all made to fit generic sizes, so the chances are high that you’d end up trying on a lot of different brands and probably even visit several stores before you find something that is acceptable – not great; just acceptable. That kind of shopping takes a lot of time and gas, and all you get in return is frustration and a sore head. Having a tailor make you a suit will certainly not allow you to walk out of the store with it the same day, but the actual time you could spend shopping around would probably be much lesser.

Myth: The quality of custom tailored suits is about the same as off the shelf.
Truth: Custom-made clothing is quite simply much better.

It’s not that off-the-rack suits are outright bad, but there is a difference in the level of quality between the two. Part of which stems from the fact that off-the-rack suits are put together by machines on an assembly line and cut to standard sizes, whereas a skilled craftsman will oversee the stitching of a custom-made suit. The attention-to-detail in the latter that can’t be matched by the former process. Also, when you order a custom suit, you can choose the fabric that’s going to be used along with the lining, buttons, and many other options. In most cases even lower-end fabric offered by tailors tends to be superior to what’s off-the-rack clothes offer, and you could pick up material that’s absolutely fantastic.

And then there are other things like canvas. What is canvas? Typically made from horsehair and cotton, it’s the stuff that runs throughout the interior of every custom-made suit. Mostly, the canvas serves as the “chassis” of your suit, and it serves to give it both shape as well as solidity, at the same time it helps mould it to your body. Canvas can also prevent bubbles from forming in the fabric which keeps your suit wrinkle-free! By contrast, many off-the-rack suits simply hang limp.

Myth: Off-the-rack fit just fine.
Truth: That’s because you’ve never tried a bespoke suit.

For a tailor, “just fine” is a failure. When you buy men suits, you’re buying a garment that will feel like a second skin – only much better. Tailored suits not only fit all the contours of your body perfectly, but they will also accentuate your best features while underplaying the ones that you’d prefer to hide. They can achieve this because someone designed the suit specifically to fit your body. You’ll never be able to get that quality of fit from an off-the-rack suit, and anyone who will have you believe otherwise is just plain lying.

Myth: Tailor-made suits are very expensive.
Truth: Many people go to tailors and spend less.

Let’s be blunt: no tailor is going to be able to provide you a custom tailored suit that’s less than the lowest off-the-rack suit you can find. There’s a reason big businesses use assembly lines, and someone that is stitching every suit individually cannot match that. At the same time, tailors can be quite affordable when you begin to look at the bigger picture. First off, your time is valuable, and if you can visit just one tailor with your measurements and buy a great suit, the chances are good that you will save considerable time over trying to find an off-the-rack suit that fits you perfectly. Additionally, tailored suits tend to last longer and can take more wear and tear, which means you do not have to replace them just as often. Also, tailors can easily replicate the looks of popular (read: expensive) brand for far less than what you’d expect to pay to get a particular brand name label.

Myth: Tailors are only charging more for the same thing.
Truth: Bespoke suits can be personalised in any number of ways.

When buying an off-the-rack suit and you’re going to be limited to a few particular styles which are currently in vogue. Tailor-made suits offer an unlimited level of customisation. All you have to do is explain to your tailor what you prefer, and they’ll let you know the cost and time involved. Don’t just take our word for it. Just visit a Bespoke Ensemble NYC that specialises in bespoke clothing and check things out for yourself. You will find that once you go custom, it’s hard to turn back to the rack!

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