Our suits and other garments are stitched and tailored to the highest quality – crafted to the same production standards that you see in high end boutiques around the world. But we retail our garments at a fraction of the cost you would pay at a boutique!

“I love a good, fitted suit.”

I notice I cannot order any clothes online. Why?

You need the trained eye of our master tailor to ensure your clothes fits well. That’s why we like to arrange a personal visit with you during our tours to your city. Our tailor will conduct a personal interview with you to determine your specific needs, then make personal recommendations. If you have ordered from us before, he will re-check your measurements and make sure your clothing fits perfectly.

Can I schedule an on-site visit with your master tailor in my home or office?

Certainly. If you are interested in custom tailored suits, we will be happy to make the arrangements. Our tailors also travel extensively throughout the US and Europe.

Do I have to get re-measured every time I pick something out?

Not at all. Once we have your measurements on file, re-orders are easy. If you want something new, all you have to do is select the cloth and styles.

When I place my order, can I choose different styles? Is it possible to request different collars, cuffs, pockets or other unique styles on my shirts?

Yes, of course. We can work with any styles that you’d prefer and we can also make recommendations.

Will my shirt tails be long enough?

We would never skimp here. Your shirt tails will be based upon your height and weight, then designed to your complete satisfaction.

Is it possible for you to duplicate the fit of a favorite shirt, suit, pants or dress in my wardrobe?

Absolutely. Just send us your sample with your order. We’ll be glad to incorporate any changes you might want, then return the sample you sent, along with your new Bespoke Ensemble clothes.

Can the suits be made with full or half canvas?

Our suits can be made using full or half canvas based on client’s needs.

Do your shirts come with removable or permanent stays?

Our shirts come with removable stays, but you could specify permanent stays in the styles details.

Do I need to worry about shrinkage?

Not at all. All our fabrics are pre-shrunk.

Can I order white collars and/or cuffs?

Yes. At no extra charge, of course.

Does each and every customer get his own personalized pattern?

Absolutely! A precise paper pattern is prepared based on your personal measurements and requirements. The only thing that is the same for all of our customers is our commitment to quality. We use the finest threads, and the strongest linings in all of our clothing.

Can I use different fabrics?

Of course! You may choose any fabric we offer. We stock well over 2000 fabrics, all of which come with high thread counts for rich texture and feel.

Are new fabrics available frequently?

Yes, we introduce new fabrics all the time. Let us know if you have a specific request, and we will endeavor to find the fabric for you.

What are the differences among the fabrics that you offer?

You will often see fabrics described numerically as 100’s, 120’s, 140’s, 150’s, 160’s, 180’s etc. This number refers to the thickness of the yarn: the lower the number, the thicker the yarn; the higher the number, the finer the yarn.

What is your price range?

Please visit our Menswear and Womenswear Page for price details.

Where will my clothes be made?

Every custom suit, shirt, jacket, overcoats, pair of slacks and dresses that we sell is cut and sewn in our factory in the U.S. and Canada.

Can I speak to someone in management?

Of course! Call us at (212) 920-5474 or send us an email at

I have a friend who wants to talk to you about building his wardrobe. How can he get in touch?

Show your friend the “Contact Us” page of the site and invite him to write to us. We respond to every inquiry and appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

Can’t find it here? Send us your question and we will get back to you with the answers within 24 hours.