Bespoke Suit: Order Like A Pro

Ordering Made-to-Measure And Bespoke Suits

If you are planning on purchasing a bespoke suit, there are several options for you to consider. Custom suits are made in two different ways. The first method, “made to measure”, leads to a suit that is tailored using a measurement block to your measurements. The second and most recommended route is “bespoke”, wherein a tailor cuts and fits the suit according to your specifications by hand. Dozens of measurements are taken for your specific body type by a skilled tailor and a pattern is made specifically for you. Custom tailored suits are therefore designed to fit your body like the proverbial glove.

Choosing The Fabric

Bespoke Ensemble New York offers a wide range of fabric choices for you to select based upon your taste and budget. Because we buy all our fabric directly from premium manufacturers, our fabric is of superior quality; and it also allows you to save on additional markups by middlemen. Find your comfort zone when it comes to choosing fabrics as we offer a wide selection to make your purchase affordable. Opt for quality basic materials (fine wool is standard) for your custom suit or splurge on some of the finest fabrics available today!

Specifying Your Preferences

Have you ever seen a really awesome designer suit in a fashion magazine that looks just right for you but is far too expensive because of the big brand name on the tag? Well, with custom tailoring you can order a bespoke suit from a high street clothing catalog or magazine, and have the design duplicated at a much lower price. Buying bespoke tailored suits makes great sense, as the best off-the-rack suit will cost as much and often more than a comparable bespoke tailored suit. Typically you can order a bespoke tailored suit for anywhere between $500 to $3500 depending upon the fabric and lining used.

Simply put, almost everyone would benefit greatly by adding a sophisticated tailored custom suit to their wardrobe. Suits last a long time especially ones that fit well; indeed, they more than pay for themselves when you get that job, promotion, or hot date because they help you stand out as a man of refinement! Try a custom made suit from Bespoke Ensemble just once and see and feel the difference for yourself.


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