Considerations for your first bespoke suit

If you have decided to seek a superior quality with your suit and get a custom tailored piece for the next
suit you own, there are a few things to consider. Bespoke Ensemble Custom Tailoring makes the process
of upgrading your suit style easy but a custom tailored suit with the passionate help of a professional
tailor is very different from buying off the rack. Some top tips for getting perfection with your tailoring
include the below

Consider your fabric: We can provide advice on the best type of fabrics for versatility and the season but
the choice is yours when it comes to the right blend. Depending on the type of clothing and fashion you
are looking for it is possible to combine style, versatility and comfort into a suit that matches modern
designer looks.

Consider your body type: If you have a body that regularly fluctuates it is important to find yourself in a
position to keep our shape when possible. If you are currently losing weight however it could be a good
idea to reach your goal weight and then get a bespoke suit created. The comfort of the suit can often be
a big motivator to keep in shape!

Work with your tailor: Tailoring is an art form often passed down through generations. At Bespoke
Ensemble we have custom tailoring experts who have years of experience in this business. We can make
recommendations for changes in fit, style format and provide little tweaks and changes that can make
your suit much more comfortable and functional for your needs. Working with our experts and the cuts
we can provide will produce quality results that can be noticed as soon as you put the suit on.

Try the basics first: If you need a single suit for occasional wear you may want to stick with a more
neutral fabric and design scheme that can be used for a variety of occasions. A solid grey or black suit
can have great staying power at the office, at formal parties and more. If you are building a wardrobe of
several suits, feel free to get creative with at least one!

Keep some of these top considerations in mind with your first bespoke suit.

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